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Cleaning Services Brooklyn – Mopfrog

Mopfrog Brooklyn is a unique cleaning service. Not only do we strive to make your home or place of business clean and beautiful, but we continually look for ways to preserve the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. With every task we complete, we look for ways to “keep it green.” Plus, at Mopfrog, we help keep you, your family and pets safe and healthy through the use of environmentally-conscious and safe equipment and supplies. We know that our customers are more mindful of their health and environment than ever before, so we provide the best green Brooklyn cleaning services—while still offering plans that are customizable and affordable.

There is no need to stress wondering about the chemicals and processes used in cleaning your home or office. One of the distinct advantages of choosing Mopfrog Brooklyn is our “worry-free” cleaning service. We are proud to use cleaning solutions that meet or exceed standards set forth by eco-friendly organizations. The products we use have been given DFE certification (Designed for the Environment). This certification is in partnership with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Additionally, our products are Green Seal™ certified. The Green Seal means that they are non-toxic, not only to humans but also to pets and even the ecosystem. We utilize the very best, advanced equipment with these non-toxic products to offer a safe, yet detailed cleaning experience for your home.

When you choose Mopfrog Brooklyn, our cleaning experts give you what you need most—time and convenience. Relax and enjoy your time pursuing the things you care about our spending time with friends and family. Let us do the dirty work! Our Brooking house cleaning service always offers timely, professional and affordable service—with a commitment to your satisfaction.

At Mopfrog Brooklyn, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the high level of service provided. While keeping your health in mind, our Brooklyn house cleaning company consistently delivers homes and offices that are immaculately clean. Our guarantee is an investment in making your living or working space cleaner, healthier and (of course) greener.

Contact the experts at Mopfrog Brooklyn today to talk to us about the eco-friendly cleaning options for your home or office. We look forward to showing you how enjoyable your home or work life is when you have Mopfrog taking care of the dirty work—leaving you with a clean environment and fewer worries.

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