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Helpful Tips to Protect Your Baby’s Skin From Winter Dryness

One of the first things that new parents discover about their child is the delicate softness of their skin. While this discovery can make cuddle time with their baby even more special, it also makes parents realize they are responsible for helping their baby maintain healthy skin, even during harsh winter months. If you are a new parent, or about to be, and would like to know how to protect and nourish your baby’s delicate skin, the following tips can help!

Baby In Snow Suit

Tip One: Go Natural

Your baby’s skin, like yours is actually an organ capable of absorbing the ingredients found in lotions and creams. This is why the first rule of naturally healthy baby skin is to go natural and choose to use only creams or lotions that are prepared with wholesome, all natural ingredients. Since the terms “all-natural,” “non-toxic” and “organic” are under regulated, be sure to carefully inspect product labels and look for seals of approval like DfE.

Tip Two: Skip the Fragrances and Dyes

Many commercial preparations use chemicals and dyes to make their baby skin care products smell nice and look pretty. Instead, do your baby a big favor and opt for unscented, naturally colored products or those that use only naturally occurring scents, such as lavender or coconut oil.

Tip Three: Moisturize Often

Baby skin can be thirsty skin, especially when constantly exposed to heated, overly dry indoor air. Prevent problems from occurring by moisturizing lavishly after bathing and when changing clothes or whenever the skin feels dry to the touch. Too much is far better that too little, where your baby is concerned.

Tip Four: Cut Back on Bathing

Many parents soon realize that a daily bath is not necessary to keep baby clean and sweet smelling during the winter, and the American Academy of Pediatrics agrees. In fact, bathing baby as little as two or three times a week, and opting for a gentle rubdown with moisturizer on non-bath days is a great strategy to keep babies skin from becoming too dry.

Tip Five: Change the Time and Temp

Long, hot baths can be very drying for anyone’s skin during the winter, but this is especially true for baby skin. Cultivate moister, more resilient skin by limiting baby’s winter bath time to just ten minutes in water that is just warm enough. To avoid chilling baby, bath in a room that is comfortably warm, and be sure to close doors and turn off fans to eliminate drafts. Remember to make bath time fun and have a snuggly towel ready for cuddling afterward.

Tip Six: Humidify Baby’s Home Environment

During winter, indoor air is likely to be extremely dry air and this lack of humidity can wreak havoc with delicate baby skin. To combat this, consider using a humidifier in the rooms where baby sleeps and plays to add healthy moisture to the air. For safety sake, remember not to place the humidifier near or directly over your baby.

Tip Seven: Dress Baby Just Right

Since babies cannot tell their parents when they are comfortable, or when they are too hot or cold, parents may add too many or too few layers as they attempt to dress baby just right. When dressed too warmly, babies may sweat, leaving them at risk for rashes, chafing and skin irritation. If dressed too lightly, babies can become chilled and the added exposure can cause their skin to become dry and uncomfortable.

To avoid these problems, choose organic, absorbent t-shirts and leggings as a first layer that will help keep baby dry and comfortable. Use outer layers that are easy to remove or add, as the temperature changes.

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