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Make Snow Days Into Family Fun Days

Little girl and her dog looking out the window.The sight of falling snow can have some very different effects family members. Youngsters watch the forecast and check the depth of rising snow levels, all the while hoping for enough to get a reprieve from classes in the form of a snow day.

Parents also watch the weather, but instead of joy, they often fret about the inevitable boredom they know their kids will feel as soon as the magic of the snowy weather subsides. If you are dealing with snow day boredom in your home and would like ideas on getting and holding your kid’s attention without resorting to video games or TV, here are three tested and approved ways to make snow days into family fun days!

Build a Indoor Fort or Campsite

When the weather conditions are not safe for spending time outside, help kids build a fort or campsite in the living or family room by arranging the furnishings to create tent structures and then draping them with old sheets and comforters.

To make this activity even more fun, turn off the lights and use a flashlight to make interesting shadow shapes on the walls of the tent or tell tall tales around a faux campfire made by sticking some charged solar landscaping lights into a large flowerpot filled with sand.

Cook Your Way to Snow Day Fun

Kids love to measure ingredients, take turns stirring them together and then sample their creations and a snow day is the perfect time to enjoy this type of fun activity. Opt for a fun recipe that will give kids plenty of opportunities for hands on involvement and taste testing to hold their attention. Here are some good choices to consider:

  • Caramel coated popcorn balls that can be sculpted into fun shapes by little hands
  • Sugar cookies that can cut into fun shapes and then decorated with healthy nuts, raisins and dried fruits.

Mark the Day with a Snow Day Adventure Story

When a quieter activity is needed, pass out pads of paper, pencils and crayons and allow each child to unleash their inner storyteller. Set a kitchen timer for short periods of time and have each child write a few sentences. When the timer goes off, they must pass what they have written to the next child at the table. Continue writing in this fashion until each child has added two or three passages to the story and then use a hole punch and yarn to compile the pages into a book.

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