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Bring the Outdoors In – Clever Ways to Enjoy Fresh Cut Flowers


Of all the natural beauty and wonder woven through our environment, the showy appearance and sweet scent found in both tame and wild flowers are in the top spot for many of us. Seeing them in their native habitat is definitely an enjoyable hobby, but these beauties can also help you add enjoyment and vitality to your home and life. Mopfrog of The Hamptons offers some clever ways to get even more enjoyment from the flowers in your yard, garden or field. 

Hair Accessories for Fun or Special Events

Children love to make handcrafts, especially when their crafts become special accessories to wear when playing dress up and flowers are perfect for this activity. Just about any flower that has a long, pliable stem can be gathered and woven into beautiful bracelets, necklaces and hair accessories. Daisies, dandelions and many other flowers are perfect for creating a floral crown, just make sure that the area where you harvest any flower has not been sprayed with chemicals or pesticides. 

Other types of flowers can be inserted into special braids and bun hairdos for special events. Simply trim the stem of roses and other blooms, and use a hairpin to carefully secure them in place. With just a little practice you may find that your floral hair designs can add just the right touch for special occasions and events. 

Flowers on the Dinner Table, In More Ways Than One

We are all aware that a vase of fresh cut flowers on the dinner table, coffee table or in the kitchen window helps to add a special touch to the home. But flowers can be used for more than just décor. Snip all but an inch of the stem from small blooms, like violets, pansies and bachelor’s buttons and wrap the stem in a tiny bit of foil to help keep the bloom fresh and keep food from absorbing a flowery taste. Poke the blooms carefully into the sides and tops of plain, iced cakes just before serving. To save time, prepare the flowers a few hours before dinner and keep them in the refrigerator until needed.

Another way to add flowers to your food is to add edible flowers to fresh green salads. The blooms add both color and nutrition to spice up boring salads. Nasturtium, calendula and borage are just a few of the flowers that both look and taste delightful.

Even wild flowers like dandelions can bring flavor to your meals, as well as add extra vitamin C to your diet. Enjoy young dandelion greens and blooms in raw salads with a simple oil and vinegar dressing or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. More mature greens have a stronger taste, making them well suited for sautéing, soups or stews. Tea drinkers can opt to steep dandelion blooms in hot water and then add a spoonful of organic honey to make a delicious cup of tea.   

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